About Us



Video price signs is a B2B marketing video platform which offers a preorganized & sequential online library which offers ready video signs that include price signs, deals signs, sales signs, discount signs, holidays / events signs, coupon signs, shop signs and so much more.


Each design has several series. Each series offers different marketing scripts built in the video motion graphic and with sequential prices in each category of the design, so you can find the deal price in $ or in % OFF, you need for your business campaign.


The files are offered in 4 different formats for downloads, however our standard is 1080HD , MP4 video format file.

1080HD - ready to download , share and play on all online and digital platforms with fair and easy royalty free license, in order for you to push your business branding and business sales events faster and with no difficulty restrictions. (Whatever you purchase is yours forever).


The use of our marketing videos is great for use on the following method and platforms:

  • As stand alone file
  • Ecommerce & Business sites
  • Digital signage platforms or offlne screens
  • Landing pages & CRM platforms for coupons and offers
  • Running sales campaigns on Facebook and Google

Customization: The moment the service will be up and running, we will make sure to notify you on our newsletter page

You will be able very soon to customize any design you wish from the library at $25 and get the design with your customized text script.


The best part is that you can purchase a yearly subscription for unlimited downloads for only $149. Whatever you download is yours forever - cannot be wrong!

Or for $9 you can have a monthly subscription of 30 downloads...best price guarantee.