About Us

Video price signs is a B2B marketing video platform which offers businesses a pre-organized
& sequential online library which provides a catalog of more than 24K videos that include price signs, deals signs, sales signs, discount signs, holidays/events signs, coupon signs, shop signs
and so much more.

Choose - Embed/Download - Promote - Sell!

Great for all business calendar sales and deals events.
You can use it on any platform you wish such as social networks, e-commerce sites, digital
signage screens, landing pages, CRM and play it in the background so it will work for you 24/7.

Our two main solutions:
-  Ready to use online classified promotion video catalogs for business. 
- Online customization of any of the video designs from the catalog.

Our video production provides 2D/3D pre-made pro promotion videos content for almost free.
Our standard resolution 1080HD and we provide four format resolutions to choose from for your

Two ways to get the video:
- By download
- By embedding code