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Video Price Signs is an innovative online  B2B video platform that offers pre-made promotion & marketing video for business.
We produce very sophisticatedly & beautiful high-end promotion videos designs that creating promotion stage for your offers & business events 365 days a year with outstanding motion graphics designs with marketing philosophy behinds, which hold your viewer and move them to action.

The concept is providing two main instant solutions:

First is Our "Ready to use" video catalog:
 A "Ready to use" video catalog with 25K marketing & video promotions for products, services, shops announcements & business branding.
The videos promotion catalog is entirely classified according to scene environment categories, text offer categories and divided into more than 800 series that each contains its group of videos with a discount offer price builds in the design in escalating order.
The catalog is providing sale events, deal events, seasonal sale events, coupon events, holidays event and so much more. 
Great for the yearly business calendar for any merchant or service company.  Saves lots of time and tons of money and with an average video cost of $0.45 you cannot get wrong!
Our second service is an online order customization service:
We provide an online customization order solution from any of the video designs we are offering from our gallery.
Our online customization order is very straightforward, and as a client, you can choose from over of 350 pre-made pro designs that produced with the highest standard of the industry so that your business can get promotional video with branding touch of your Company with hassle-free, fast and for a tiny budget!
Our $10 standard ground fee is providing an excellent customization start where you can add your logo, text in any language, choose from 4 standard resolutions and keep the original soundtrack and footage as well. And if you wish for full customization, it will not exceed the $30 per order, so this is an excellent solution for a high end product with a very low price tag.

Time is money:
We provide 3/4 baked video designs, so you - the customer only needs to uploads your customized content in a fully guided way in our order assembly process. 
Our online customization page structure is providing zero space for mistakes! We do all the twinkling and finalizing the video in studio conditions, so you don't need to spend so much time for that.

Our guideline:
We combined the best from the traditional studio production and the new tech production worlds and formed it to a single straightforward & effective process which takes 3-4 minutes to complete video customization order without compromise on design complexity & quality and the need of twinkly the video from your end! 

We hope you will enjoy the experience we offer in this platform and will be able to generate more success with our passion to video marketing.



Video price signs Team


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