About Us

Video Price Signs is an innovative, online B2B video platform that offers pre-made promotional and marketing videos for businesses.

We produce very sophisticated, high-end promotional videos designed to promote your business.

Each video uses outstanding motion graphics using the latest in marketing trend expertise, to capture the attention of your viewers, and convert more sales.


The concept provides 2 major options:


Ready to Use Video Catalog

The Ready to Use Video Catalog is chock full of pre-produced marketing videos. Each one is specifically created so that without changing a thing you can embed what appears to be a custom video to promote your product or event. Choose a pre-made, ready-to-go video right from the catalog.


The Ready to Use Video Catalog contains over 25,000 marketing and promotional video titles to advertise your products, services, shop announcements or for branding campaigns.

The catalog offers videos appropriate for sales, special deals, seasonal events, coupon events, holiday events and so much more.


Online Custom Video Order Service

The Ready to Use Video Catalog can be customized to provide a unique solution based upon any of the video designs that are offered in the video gallery.

The online customization order process is exceptionally straightforward. Choose from over 360 pre-made professionally produced, high quality video designs. Then decide the level of customization you require.

Save time over making videos from scratch, and with an average cost per customized video of less than $25 you cannot go wrong!


Time is Money

These almost complete video designs are created so companies can simply upload a small amount of customized content. You are guided through every step with intutive guidance in the video assembly process.

The online customization page makes the process quick and easy.

Our passion is to provide our clients with the opportunity to use high-quality, low-cost, professionally produced videos for their branding and marketing plans.


The Video Price Signs Team

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