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For very little cost, professional videos are the answer to promote your business' brand or product. For just $10 to $35 you will have a custom tailored video that suits your promotional needs.

Each video can be customized to provide a unique solution based upon any of the video designs that are offered in the video gallery. Most solution orders can be completed in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee (3-4 minutes).

Just hover over any movie player, and you will find the "Custom" button that will lead you to the customization page.

On the customization page you can choose from 8 different customizable categories:

  1. Add your own Logo

  2. Add Soundtrack

  3. Add Media Background/photo

  4. Add Text holder

  5. Resolution

  6. Language

  7. Delivery time

  8. Invoice details

Very soon, you will see a preview. The order form is simple and does not leave room for errors.The order itself takes only 2 to 5 min, which depends on how long it takes to upload your files.


Super fast and with zero hassle!

That's it!


Customization Fees

The customization process is based on a basic fee for the video itself, plus a small additional fee for each custom feature.

Each video is priced with a basic $10 fee. The additional fees are $5 for each custom feature:

On average, a fully customized video is $25. At that rate companies find they can change out the videos on their sites with the frequencies recommended by online marketing experts, which is often once a week or more. These are exceptionally low prices for large 3D/2D complex designs and production scenes.

If you have ever thought that creating a promotional video for your business was too complicated, time consuming or expensive, you have now found your new solution!


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