About the Ready to Use Video Catalog

The Goal

Professional marketing content can be expensive and time consuming to produce, and most business owners lack the expertise in-house to develop content from scratch.


Video content is especially challenging.

New online marketing strategies are all recommending that mobile-friendly video content be used on websites to attract customers and for better conversion rates. Amateur talking heads videos are taking up much of this marketing space, but professionally produced videos have become what clients expect, especially in higher end businesses.


The goal of the Ready to Use Video Library is to make high quality, professionally produced videos affordable, easy to acquire and quick to get onto your website with the customizations you need.


The Solution

The videos in the Ready to Use Video Library have been specifically designed around what small and medium sized businesses commonly face when dealing with their marketing plans for e-commerce sites, digital signage screens, social networking pages, business, landing pages, and many more.

Videos used to promote special deals must continuously be changing which will bring innovation and excitement on your site.

Without the option of the Ready to Use Video Library most companies would begin the journey of creating video content for their sites, but soon enough have found it is difficult, time consuming, and expensive to maintain.


The Ready to Use Video Library offers hundreds of different design scenes created in 2D & 3D scene environment structures with highly advanced technology and innovative techniques to achieve a stunning professional look. The video can play in a player, or in the background of your site's pages.


Download packages are available so you can embed packs from the library, depending on your platform's video accessibility level. There are many choices, with the video series cataloged running in ascending order from 5% to 80% or from $1-$99 depending on the series and the design.


The Ready to Use Video Library is divided into categories to make searching more efficient.

There is an advanced search system which makes finding the campaign you need quick and efficient through a “free search” or “Advance search”.


The “free search” works exactly as you would expect. For example, put “50%” in the search box and any video with 50% in the description will be returned with the search results.


The “Advanced Search” gives you the option to be more specific.

You choose the categories: currency + scene environment category + text category, and all of your options are returned.


The Ready to Use Video Library is based on:

New videos are being added, every week.

All the tools you need to add high-quality, affordable videos to any site or platform are available right here.


The Video Price Signs Team

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