Pick your soundtrack option:

1. As original - which is the original soundtrack from the video version you chose.

2. No soundtrack - which means that we will keep this movie mute from the sound.

3.Custom Soundtrack - which is where you can upload your soundtrack and choose from where to play it.

After uploading the soundtrack you can choose to play it from start or customize the start time & end time.

In both choices, you can decide if fade in or fade out or fade both. that's all.

"Add your media" is a very powerful option since you can change the whole scene by changing the background, therefore, we recommend to choose wisely.

* Note: All the effects of the media Background which is played in the original movie version will apply to your media which you will upload.

* The media is in order, so the first media you choose to upload will be placed the first and so on. Each media file limit to 80MB! however, we recommend for uploading of no more than 30MB per each file, for a swift upload time.

* Media holders: For example: In case you upload 1 media file In a movie with 2 media holders,  that media will apply to all media holders in your customize movie version.

* Our movies average length is approx of 30 sec, therefore no need long media play time.

* Each Media upload holder panel have a time indicator where its position in the original movie.

"Add your text" customization option providing you 3 customization modes per each "Text holder":

1. As original - which is the original text from the video version you chose.

2. No text - which means that we will keep this spot empty from a text.

3.Custom text - which is where you can add your text and we will replace it exactly in the same frame time as the original text.

When you enter any text holder, you can see what is originally written as in your chosen movie. Each time you press the option "Custom text" that specific scene jumps to the specific second of your chosen movie to your left for swift clarification.

Simply don't leave you any doubt to which context this text & in which scene the "Text holder" is referring too.

Note: Each text holder panel has 2 indicators:

1. Characters input limit.

2. And the second's indicator where its position in the original movie. In the right order.

"Choose resolution" is another great service we provide you with.

You can choose free of charge from the 4 most standard resolutions from the list.

However, if you didn't find your required resolution, you welcome to pay a bit more and we will fix it for you.

"Delivery time" providing you with 2 delivery options:

1. Standard - Which is up to 7 days

2. Custom delivery - which is express delivery up to 2 days unless you choose another date above the two days.

"Custom Language" is a great service we do free of charge!

We will custom the movie with any text you will supply us in the text holder in any language you need, so you can refer your home base audiences with no hassle what so ever.

"Issue invoice details" providing you 3 options:

1. To autofill your invoice with your account details.

2. To issue other invoice details.

3. As a new user, simply to create new account.