Royalty Free Agreement


Royalty free license

Video price signs is a royalty free stock which enables businesses to upload an instant sales campaign and ready price signs. as a purchaser of any content from video price sign you are granted the following rights:

  1. If you purchase this footage, we grant you the right to use it on your website or your digital signage platform, on your company landing pages, on your company online promotions, or as a derivative for any campaign promoting your business products.
  2. Your business is not allowed to create any similar or identical products as those of video price signs for redistribution.


Any download of a Video Price Sign File is a license, not a sale.

Subject to the terms of this Agreement and your compliance with this Agreement, Video Price Signs hereby grants to you either:

  1. A limited, non-exclusive, non transferable, worldwide right to use any Video Price Signs File you download solely and exclusively for the purpose of promoting your own business products and services - no redistribution or resale.
  2. A limited, non-exclusive right to use any Video Price Signs File you download solely as incorporated into a work with substantial value added by you such that the transformed or derivative work is not recognizable as the Video Price Signs File. Under these circumstances you are allowed to redistribute and resell to other businesses with their own business logo and identifiction marks, as long as the derivative product is a non-generic product. Redistribution or resale to generic libraries, online stock platforms etc is prohibited.
  3. A limited, non-exclusive right for customization orders & for advertising firms and other firms creating campaigns for businesses with graphical content, to use Video Price Signs File as is or as a “Customization Order”, as long as it is a part of an advertising campaign and the advertising firm adds specific information, logo and product name etc. The idea behind, is that professional advertising firms will be able to use Video Price Signs’ generic library File & the “Customization Orders” as part of their specific campaign assignments, as long as the campaign assignment is identified by specific logo and product and as long as it is a non-generic product.

Video Price Signs reserves the right to withdraw Video Price Signs Files from the Site at any time, for any reason.


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